Tips for Money Making With Proxies


When used wisely, proxies can make you an amazingly good amount of money. This, however, is not straightforward, and you might require some technical know-how to achieve it. With perseverance and hard work though, you can start enjoying the benefits of proxies. The money amount you get from proxies will, of course, depend on your dedication and expertise. You might take time before achieving any tangible results, but the result is so fulfilling

Below are 5 ethical tips you can use to make proxies make money for you.

Set Up Public Proxy Server with Ads

Proxies tend to be mostly used as internet brokers. Users tend to look for public proxies and browse online with an intention of hiding identity, or the IP addresses. You definitely will have a bunch of proxies and you thus will be capable of setting your own public proxy, that people can use in advertisements. By this, you will be in a position to earn money from those ads.

Utilize the SERP tracker for google rankings

With SEO being a big business opening to invest in, websites are continually trying to rank well on search engines. You could be having a website that has been in operation for long but does not rank well on google.  A one-month-old website could, on the other hand, have a much better ranking. All this comes down to the optimization strategy used. If you understand the keywords that people use to search for products, you can be in a better position to having your site ranking better. With proxies, you can do keyword positions by scrapping and getting keyword positions and rankings. This is information you can sell to people struggling with a poor ranking for their sites. To get more tips on how to choose the best proxy server, go to

Carry out social media campaigns

Social media platforms are today a great source of business. To get a reasonable engagement, however, you might require to post on your account frequently. Having many accounts on different channels will help you with this. Since social media companies might close your account if they realize too much activity, you can use proxies to hide your IP address.

Use Scrapebox

This is sneaker proxies tool responsible for harvesting links. To work well with this tool, you might need a bunch of proxies. This will generate you more leads

Be a DDoS tester

You can use Distributed Denial of Service legally. You, however, need some coding skills to make it work with proxies and generate yourself money. Click here to get started!


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